Images of Vermont Creamery Leaders.

Welcome to the family, Vermont Creamery

Coming together just makes sense for our employees, for our customers and for our plans to do good in the world. 

Last week, my friends Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, co-founders of Vermont Creamery, joined with us to announce our companies were joining forces. I’ve been personally very close to this deal and am very happy to see it cross the finish line. Going forward, Vermont Creamery will be a member of the Land O’Lakes family; they’re almost as proud to be joining us as we are to be having them join.

The road we travelled to get here has been marked by learning. At Land O’Lakes, Inc., we’ve seen how Vermont Creamery has connected deeply with their customers, forming valued relationships and sparking rich conversations. They’ve seen how Land O’Lakes can deliver delicious products at a size and scale that helps companies grow.

We also learned that we had a tremendous amount in common. Vermont Creamery’s heritage mirrors our own: a company founded by people who care about bringing the highest quality products from farm to fork. We both have a culture of product innovation. We both take our commitment to farmers, employees and our communities very seriously. We both get excited about great brands and great flavors.

Coming together just makes sense for our employees, for our customers and for our plans to do good in the world. 

At Land O’Lakes, we are committed to feeding human progress. By 2050, we will need to feed nearly 10 billion people – that’s 70 percent more food production than we produce today. With our farm-to-fork view of the food chain, we are in a unique position to help solve that impending crisis. This goal is additive and complementary to Vermont Creamery’s desire to be a workplace that thinks globally and acts locally, fostering mutual respect and tolerance in pursuit of a better life for everyone.

And we want to make very sure that Vermont Creamery continues to deliver its award-winning fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter and fresh dairy at the creamery in Websterville, Vermont. The products are delicious, and we are great fans.

Both companies also want to grow. We are excited to have Vermont Creamery President Adeline Druart and her team aboard. With our feet firmly on the ground and the tools to realize our dreams in our hands, we look forward to moving forward together.