An Aerial View Of A Large Farm With The Text Land O

The farmer feeds us all

New Land O'Lakes commercial highlights commitment to feeding human progress

At Land O’Lakes, we’re proud to be a farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative. We began with a founding mission to find markets for and add value to our farmers’ milk. Today, we’ve grown into an organization with a unique farm-to-fork view and a commitment to feeding human progress.

Through it all, though, we’ve never forgotten our humble, rural roots. From farm fields in Indiana and Minnesota to dairies in Pennsylvania, our new commercial, "The Farmer," recognizes the tireless work of farm families across the country and celebrates their role in feeding the world’s population.


While proud of how far we’ve come and the strides we have made together with our farmer-owners, we know there is more work to be done. As we look to the future and the challenges that lie ahead, we are strengthened by our cooperative roots and the knowledge that we are serving the farmer ... and "the farmer must feed us all."