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Here's how Land O'Lakes is delivering health insurance to its members

Individual members and co-ops nationwide find insurance through three services

When you consider the ongoing legislative debates, challenges with the individual exchanges in some states and the overall confusing nature of insurance policies overall, it’s no surprise that choosing a health insurance policy can be frustrating for coverage seekers. That’s why Land O’Lakes set out to provide new options for our member-owners to help them navigate the health insurance landscape.

In response to member feedback and requests, we created BuyPoint Insurance Solutions (BIS) in 2016 in an effort to help members find affordable healthcare plans for their families and businesses. As an exclusive insurance agency for Land O’Lakes’ member-owners, BIS provides full-service consulting to assist our members with benefit needs including medical, dental, life, disability and voluntary products, as well as provide an avenue for individual farmers to obtain insurance coverage for themselves, their families and their employees.

“We are very excited to have created BIS, which allows us an avenue to provide our members and their members access to affordable insurance and quality health care.” Says Pamela Grove, president of BIS.

In 2018, members in Minnesota had the additional option for purchasing insurance through the MN Co-op Health Plan, created and sponsored by Land O’Lakes. This option grew out of a recent change in Minnesota law that allows for those in agriculture to form a group health plan. On January 1, 2018, this plan went live with 318 farmers signing up and covering more than 700 people across the state.

In addition to simplifying the insurance process, the programs are already having a big impact on our members’ bottom lines. Here are a few examples of the financial impact of the offerings through BIS: One member’s family enrolled through the marketplace and is saving $933 each month. Another member who bought single coverage, cut their insurance costs for the year by $2,100. And a couple recently saved $128 per month on their new plan.

“The options provided through BIS offer our members access to high-quality insurance and a broad network of care providers,” Nicci LaValle, manager of BIS says. “And members are realizing substantial savings.”

While BIS provides one avenue for members and farmers, Land O’Lakes also has a Member Cooperative Health Plan (MCHP) for our co-ops.

"MCHP provides participating cooperatives with high quality benefit solutions," says Pam, who also serves as vice president of the Member Cooperative Health Plan. "The program continues to grow in record numbers since participating cooperatives receive quality services, favorable and predictable pricing, and can hand off the time-consuming benefit administration and navigation of the ever-changing regulatory environment."

Under this program, participating cooperatives receive comprehensive compliant benefits while offering competitive prices by pooling participating cooperatives together and leveraging the Land O’Lakes brand and buying power. This program currently provides healthcare benefits to over 10,000 co-op employees and their dependents.

Through BIS, the MN Co-op Health Plan and our previously established Member Health Plan for member cooperatives, Land O’Lakes is continuing to find ways to provide new options to help our members, their families and employees find cost-effective coverage and avoid some of the hassle of hunting down policies. With plans to grow the offerings under BIS, members and farmers can look forward to additional innovative and competitive solutions in the future.