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Why we're getting noisy at the Farm Bowl

We're turning up the volume at the Farm Bowl to inspire the next generation

The Farm Bowl truly was a battle for the agricultural ages. Did you miss it? Watch here.

At Land O’Lakes, we’re a community of Believers.

We believe in hard work and doing good things, the right way.

Day in and day out, you’ll find us spread out across the country, and the world, doing quiet work for the good of all.

But we’re about to get a little noisy.

During the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl Feb. 1, you’ll see what it takes to succeed in the field of modern farming when six of our farmer-members pair up with six former and current professional football players in an agricultural battle for the ages.

Strength, grit, endurance, intelligence and coordination – all traits necessary in ag careers today – will be on full display.

And that’s why we’re cranking up the volume.

The good work we’re doing is big, important work. Together, we’re feeding human progress. And we hope to inspire the next generation to join us.

We’re Believers. Our employees, farmer-members, retailers and partners are full of integrity, committed to excellence and as gritty as they come.


If that sounds like you, then you might be a Believer, too. Check out our documentary series, The Believers, highlighting the farmers, ranchers, producers, partners and employees who help feed human progress.

And if you’re ready, and excited to make a difference now, visit our careers site.

During the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl, we’re going be a little louder than normal.

But you can bet, bright and early the next morning, we’ll be back at it – looking for what’s right and what’s good and getting the job done.