A Field Of Corn

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So often, the conversation about hunger in the U.S. is centered around food production. Yes, we believe science can help save the world, and that technology is and will continue to play a crucial role in feeding a growing population a finite amount of land; however, food insecurity has never been solely about food production. It’s about people and the systems we put in place to distribute and access food.

At Land O’Lakes, Inc., we know that solving agriculture’s most pressing problems is a complex and enormous task, which is why we’re fostering collaboration across diverse industries and professions. In March of this year, Land O’Lakes created a platform to bring this important conversation to the national stage. Tracie McMillan -- author, National Geographic contributor and professor at New York University’s food studies program -- shared how her experience with field reporting around the globe taught her that the future of food is not only tech, it’s human. She starts the conversation with the question: