Still Image of Commercial Showing Member In Dairy Barn

Add a little good

New LAND O LAKES® commercials take you to the farm, deli and kitchen 

We’re willing to bet most of you have had LAND O LAKES® butter or cheese in your fridge at some point or another. Our iconic dairy foods brand has held a place in American kitchens for decades—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But even icons need to take a fresh approach now and then. With that in mind, LAND O LAKES® recently hit the market with a new message—Add a Little GoodTM

The campaign is centered on the idea of leaving the world a little better than we found it. You might have already seen the recipes, inspirational rhymes and animated videos popping up on Facebook, Instagram and a whole host of food-centric and lifestyle websites.

The idea also inspired us to share our story in new ways. Since 1921, Land O’Lakes, Inc. has been owned by farmers. This is something we are proud of, and as a co-op, we know how a lot of little things add up to a much greater good. So for the very first time, we asked our member-owners to appear in a LAND O LAKES® retail advertising spot.

“We know people have a strong interest in understanding the story behind their food,” says Leah Lamon, director of Integrated Marketing Communications, Dairy Foods. “We wanted to show everyone what modern agriculture looks like on a dairy farm. We’re excited to share this story.”

Not to be forgotten, our other two commercials take a peek into the ways people leave the world a little better for everyone. Without further ado, we present the latest commercials from LAND O LAKES®.


Those dairy farmers you see waking up bright and early? Those aren’t actors, they are Land O’Lakes member-owners. They opened up their farms for a few days to bring you a little look at modern farm life. Also, pancakes. 


Ah, the deli counter dilemma. Yes, there are often long lines, but the cheese is always worth the wait. In this spot, a chivalrous young man is willing to sacrifice his spot in line to help a mom out. It’s truly the little things that count. 

Soup Kitchen

Many of us have memories of cooking in the kitchen with loved ones. Carrots and onions chopped with care, sautéed and simmered until the soup is just right. But this time, the soup’s final destination isn’t the traditional kitchen table.