Farm In Mist

Our year in review

Annual Report highlights the stories of 2015

This past year was a big one for us. If we were any other company, we’d tell you about our net sales ($13 billion, to be exact). We’d also highlight our record net earnings ($308 million) and cash returned to our member-owners ($161 million). But we’re not any other company—at Land O’Lakes, Inc., we’re proud to be a different kind of company.  

We like to do our Annual Report differently, too. It’s the stories—of our employees, member-owners, customers and consumers—that really bring our year to life. 

Whether it was showing college students what agriculture is all about, bringing dairy farmers and growers together at Answer Plot® sites, merging with United Suppliers or taking our first commercial steps onto South African soil, our 2015 Annual Report highlights what makes our co-op a great partner and exciting place to work.