A Sunset In Rural Iowa

Building for a future of shared success

The Land O'Lakes, Inc. Annual Meeting and Annual Report celebrate strong returns and reinvestment in our co-op network

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a farmer-owned cooperative working across crop inputs and insights, animal nutrition, dairy foods and sustainability. This unique view allows us to work together with our member farmers and retailers to unlock the greatest potential of food production, from farm to fork, so farmers and agricultural communities around the world can build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Last week, leaders of our cooperative system came together for our 97th Annual Meeting to discuss 2017 business performance, industry trends and the strategies needed to drive our organization into the future.

This strategic approach has never been more critical. Despite today’s difficult operating environment, Land O’Lakes continues to achieve record performance that enables us to deliver strong returns to our members and reinvest in the products, services and capabilities that support and drive shared success for our network of farmers and independent retailers.

Within our individual businesses, 2017 saw strong performances, new product launches, merger and acquisition activities, and investments in the future. All of which combined to deliver another record year for Land O’Lakes, Inc that included $365 million in net earnings on $14 billion in sales.

“From new product innovations and sustainability applications, to supply chain optimization and merger and acquisition activity, we understand the critical need to listen to our customers and members as we constantly improve,” said Land O'Lakes, Inc. President and CEO Chris Policinski. “We are confident our strategy of delivering value-added, branded products and services has positioned us well to navigate dynamic food and agriculture industries and continue delivering value to our farmer owners and retail partners in 2018 and beyond.”

In recent years, the food and agriculture industries have been faced with a number of challenges ranging from oversupply situations and prolonged market volatility to unprecedented consolidation and new competition sweeping up and down the value chain. Despite these disrupters, we have remained true to our cooperative roots, never forgetting our commitment to driving performance in order to deliver strong returns and position the company for prolonged success on behalf of our member-owners.

Learn more about this approach and Land O’Lakes commitment to shared success in our 2017 Annual Report.