The Believers

Introducing our believers

Our first-ever documentary series shares stories of feeding human progress

You’ll find them in big cities and small towns, spread out around the world. Day in and day out, these are the people working for the good of all. They believe in hard work, in doing things the right way. They believe when we work together, we work better. And they believe when we inspire each other, anything is possible.

At Land O’Lakes, we call these people our believers. You know their work, but you might not know them. These are the farmers behind your food, the mentors teaching the next generation what it means to be a community and the dedicated individuals making sure food makes it to the tables where it is needed most. These are the people helping us work toward feeding human progress.

However, their amazing stories, which are abundant in agriculture, often go untold. We knew we needed to share the purposeful work being done on our production lines, in offices, fields, barns and milking parlors, and beyond.

And so, the idea of The Believers documentary video series was born. A small team of filmmakers spent a year zig-zagging the country, and even the world, learning more about Land O’Lakes and our farm-to-fork view of agriculture. The goal was simple—meet incredible people, our believers, and tell their stories.

They visited Land O’Lakes dairy member-owners at dawn on their farms, like Burli Hopkins who is redefining what it means to be a dairy farmer, or Scott Youse who shared how his farm is partnering to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

In Kenya, Victor Kipkorir invited the team to his greenhouse tomato farm and shared a real-life example of the important work Land O’Lakes International Development is doing abroad.

Closer to home, Jesse Cornelius, ag teacher extraordinaire, welcomed the team to Nettleton High School and the Answer Plot® Community Garden where more than 100 students grow vegetables for their community.

At a First Run donation, Matt Gassen and his team at Feeding South Dakota graciously opened their doors for a closer look at the real face of hunger. During a 100-degree heat wave in Kansas, soybean farmers made time in their busy schedules to help two emerging leaders learn about crops and co-ops.

And at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, a horse named Tractor proved that even after a long career, he’s still got the right moves—and the right team of researchers caring for him—to help animals reach their full potential.

We are proud, and excited, to share the complete Believers series with you on We hope you’ll watch the videos and help us share these inspiring stories. And check back often, we’ll be adding more throughout the year.