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Millions of acres devastated, so these ranchers came together

Wildfires ravaged Oklahoma and Kansas in 2017; for these ranchers pitching in was a no-brainer

What do you do when your neighbors are in need?

If you’re a member of the ranching community, this is a no-brainer. You come together to find a way to help.

In March 2017, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma panhandle and parts of western Kansas were hit with a wildfire that decimated more than a million acres of crops, killed thousands of livestock and destroyed thousands of miles of fencing.

Understanding the full scope of the destruction, employees from Purina and other members of the ag and ranching community were inspired to do whatever they could to assist those who were affected. Together, they began by donating four loads of protein and mineral tubs to producers in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Many other examples emerged of the community coming together to help those in need. Take Stockmen’s Feed Bunk, owned by John and Vicki Schumacher out of Boise City, Okla.—they delivered four semi-loads of fencing supplies to the region, selling everything at cost.

Word of their generosity quickly spread among producers in the region who ultimately donated $65,000 to victims of the wildfire.

In agriculture, ensuring a sustainable future is just as much about caring for people as it is about caring for the land. For farmers and ranchers, helping one another is as natural as raising their animals or nurturing their crops. It’s just one more example of how the ag community lends a helping hand to neighbors in need.