Your dairy forward contracts are going online

From contract creation through signing, even from your phone

A Farmer Holding A Tablet

If you are a dairy member looking to create a forward contract through  Milk Producers Online (MPOL), your life is getting a little easier. Effective Saturday, April 21, a new, entirely online process for doing forward contracts launches—from contract creation through signing—that can even be completed from your mobile phone.

Until now, you could create the contract online, but then you’d have to print the contract to sign it, then scan the signed copy and send it in. The whole thing was time consuming and clunky. Not anymore.

“We knew there was a better way that would make this easier for everyone, and improving the process and building on our mobile-friendly tools was a priority,” says Jason Link, director of member products and risk.

DocuSign, an online tool for managing business contracts from start to finish, is the new platform for forward contract creation and signing. It may look a little different, but should be easy to use.

How it works

Create a contract in MPOL just as you have done—through the contracting tab on the Contracting menu in MPOL.

“When you initiate the contract, the system will take you into DocuSign, the online contracting platform, and you simply follow the instructions through signing,” says Mychelle Tieszen, MPOL coordinator.

When you complete and submit the contract, the system will deliver a copy to your email and to MPOL.

If you have questions, contact Mychelle Tieszen at 651-375-2830 or