Direct Member Scholarship: Applications now due June 15

We are extending the deadline for this year's Direct Member Scholarship

Land O

We are happy to announce that we are extending the deadline for the Direct Member Scholarship to June 15. We have been made aware that there was some confusion around the original deadline, so we’re offering an additional three months to make sure that all eligible students are able to apply. All applications that already have been sent are still eligible and will be judged after the new June 15 deadline.

The Direct Member Scholarship is a benefit of your membership open to all children and grandchildren of Land O’Lakes’ direct producer (Class B) members. Students applying must currently be a high school senior (graduating in May 2018), who is entering either a 2 or 4-year school. Three $5,000 scholarships will be awarded each year.

Encourage students to apply today

The Direct Member Scholarship application form can be found on the Member website under Community Involvement. Applications must be postmarked by June 15 to be considered.

The application form includes a space for the direct member to sign, a section for the scholarship applicant’s information, and three short-answer questions for the applicant. In addition to the application form, a high school transcript and at least one letter of recommendation are required.

The completed application and accompanying documents can be mailed to the Land O’Lakes Foundation (address can be found on application form) or to

Encourage your children and grandchildren to consider applying now -- the June 15 deadline will be here before we know it. Please Note: Next year our deadline will return to our normal timeline with applications due in March 2019.