A home, and feed, for every horse

Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed campaign looks to drive volume growth while supporting horse rescue shelters

A Horse In A Pasture

"This old horse, the rancher said, she's seen some better days, she's eating up my profits, and costs a lot for hay."

Those lines, as read by a weathered old soul, kick off Purina Animal Nutrition's "Every Horse Deserves a Home" video. Under the direction of Tim Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, the video tugs at the heartstrings of horse lovers everywhere.

"This video tells the story of a horse owner with an enduring love for his companion." says Tim. "The poem and imagery reflect the love people have for these magnificent animals."

The video is part of Purina's overall support of A Home For Every Horse, an organization that "helps connect rescue horses in need of homes, in over 600 rescues across the United States, with people looking for horses." Since joining A Home For Every Horse in 2011, Purina has provided more than $150,000 worth of feed each year to shelters. This gives horses a real chance at finding a loving, caring lifelong adoptive home.

"We believe all horses, especially rescues, deserve love and care," says Tim. "And by working with A Home For Every Horse, we can help these horses reach their greatest potential."

Increasing our support and product volume

Purina is increasing awareness of their work with A Home For Every Horse as well as Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed—the No. 1 preferred feed brand by horse rescues—through a campaign that is largely driven through social media. Purina is donating $1 to horse rescues for every bag of Purina® Equine Senior® sold between November 1 and December 15 (up to $150,000).

The goal is to drive volume growth of Purina Equine Senior horse feed while supporting a good cause. By providing select retailers with in-store support—including in-store banners, "I donated" stickers and other assets—as well as a heavy push on social media, the horse team hopes to hit its goal of selling an incremental 2.3 pounds of Purina® Equine Senior feed per retailer.

"This is the first year we've done this sort of campaign," says Kiley Heckman, integrated marketing communications manager.

Purina has also posted a casting call on Facebook for senior horses (a horse becomes a senior at 15 years of age). They've asked followers to share a photo of their Purina® Equine Senior® fed horse. The winning photos will be featured in a special Facebook album so everyone can see the greatness of these senior beauties.

"This is a way for us to raise awareness of senior horses and showcase that all horses deserve to reach their full potential," explains Kiley. "And we're hoping to earn some brand love along the way."

Another horse would suit me well, and younger days for me, and I will keep my promise, until our last breaths, set us free.