A bright idea to reduce your energy consumption

Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN partners with Orion Energy Systems for discounted LED lighting

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We understand that energy costs can be among the largest drains on a dairy operation’s bottom line. Lighting, for example, often accounts for up to a quarter of our members’ energy expenses. But as is often the case, it’s within these ordinary, everyday functions – for example, just keeping the lights on – that we can find great opportunity for improvement of on-farm sustainability and your bottom line.

In pursuit of such opportunities for our members, we’ve partnered with Orion Energy Systems to offer Land O’Lakes dairy members access to special pricing for low-maintenance LED lighting options. In addition to helping realize cost savings and maximum efficiency for you and your operation, our partnership with Orion delivers on the purpose of Conservation Dairy by SUSTAIN – helping tell our collective sustainability story.

Orion Energy Systems Exclusive Member Pricing

As a Land O’Lakes dairy member, you can receive an exclusive 10 percent discount on premium lighting improvements when you have a current Conservation Dairy Assessment and purchase LED lights within six months of receiving a quote. A 5 percent discount is also available for members who don’t have a current Conservation Dairy Assessment.

To be current, a member must have completed a Conservation Dairy Assessment within the last three years. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the 10 percent discount and don’t have a current Conservation Dairy Assessment, Land O’Lakes will work with you to schedule an assessment as soon as possible.

Why LED?

LED lighting is a proven, energy efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lighting - helping to reduce your energy consumption and associated energy costs.

  • LED lighting can often reduce an operation’s light fixture count without any loss of light level or quality.

  • Payback periods for investments in LED lighting upgrades are typically two years or less.

  • Improved lighting can help increase your operation’s productivity.

Why Orion?

Orion understands that improvements on the farm can carry risk and many questions – How much? How long? What’s my ROI? – so they help design a solution that’s right for you.

  • Orion conducts a no-cost comprehensive lighting assessment and provides recommendations for more efficient LED lighting alternatives, outlining energy, cost savings, and sustainability benefits.

  • An experienced Orion photometric design team will work closely with you to ensure you see boosts in your profitability and productivity potentials.

  • Orion guarantees in writing any retrofit project and serves as a trusted counselor throughout the process.

  • To help you uncover additional savings, Orion will also help track energy grants and rebates.

This unique partnership promises to assist you in discovering valuable energy savings, leveraging proven best practices customized for your operation, and uncovering financial incentives for improving on-farm sustainability.

To learn more about our partnership with Orion Energy Systems or with questions about Conservation Dairy by SUSTAIN, call 1-800-328-1341. Or Orion directly by contacting Jeremy Schaefer, Regional Sales Manager – Agriculture at 920-860-6918 or by email at jschaefer@oesx.com.

Members attending World Ag Expo can also learn first-hand about the benefits of improved lighting from Orion Energy Systems representatives onsite in the Farm Credit Dairy Center at Booth 6101.