Let's be honest about agriculture, together

New WinField United platform that empowers our network of farmers and retailers

WinField United

We’ve begun 2018 with renewed optimism for our entire organization. And a big change for WinField United is building upon that momentum for our company, our elite retail network and the farmers we serve together. Now, more than ever, an alliance mindset is critical. The stakes are high to buy and sell as smartly as we can and, with a cluttered marketplace, we have an opportunity to break through.

Plus, there’s a big change. As we launch a new way of addressing everyone in the industry, we’re radically shifting how we talk about ourselves. How we act. How we work with our partners throughout the industry.

Our new approach is called “Honest Ag.” Much more than an advertising campaign, it’s a platform that empowers everyone who works with WinField United. It’s a bold, optimistic way of approaching agriculture that is true to who we are. Here, take a look:

Modern agriculture is shifting all the time and we need to talk about farming like farmers do. Moving forward, WinField United is going to start bold, insightful and sometimes provocative conversations. And as always, everything we say will be rooted in truth and the data and expertise we confidently hang our hat on.

As you can see, how we talk about agriculture and ourselves has changed. It’s a modern voice that reflects the impact of today’s challenges and opportunities.

With Honest Ag, we’re here to be the partner our retailers and farmers need, not the one they’re used to. Together, we’ll bring new ideas and new ways to get ahead. Together we will advance our network of independent retailers and farmers and the whole dang industry.