BuyPoint available to all members

Leverage the buying power of our $15 billion cooperative

Buypoint Graphic Image

Among the many perks of the federated system is leveraging our collective size to maximize our negotiating position to deliver cost savings throughout our cooperative. For a little over a year, Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s BuyPoint program pilot has done just that–offering savings between 3 and 40 percent to our member co-ops on the supplies needed to run their businesses.

Members can leverage the buying power of our $15 billion cooperative and receive favorable pricing on a diverse, well-priced selection of products and services from more than 30 suppliers and are relaying those savings to our member-owners.

Dairy members specifically asked for this service offering and users have already seen the benefits.

“BuyPoint is an exciting service that will provide members with substantial savings in their daily purchases by using the national buying power of Land O' Lakes,” said California member-owner Dave Ribeiro. Just in the short time during testing we have seen some pretty big discounts.”

And while we know you potentially have long-term relationships with specific vendors, the beauty of BuyPointis in its variety. Take a little time to explore the options and you’re sure to find valuable savings opportunities.

“BuyPoint provides my family farm with savings on everyday purchases,” said Julie Maurer, Wisconsin dairy member-owner. “We just bought a 55-gallon drum wrench. It’s not a major purchase but it was something I needed. I was able to go online, use the one-stop-shop of BuyPoint and realize savings versus what I would have paid with a typical distributor.”

How to Sign Up

To begin the registration process, email and request an Onboarding Checklist. There is no cost for sign-up, minimum purchase requirement or long-term obligation.

Once setup within the program, users can browse the online product catalog, place an order or request a product quote. BuyPoint purchases may also be made through participating suppliers’ local representatives or store locations.

Product categories include:

  • Fleet Products: trucks – all sizes, trailers, feed transport equipment, cars, tires

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO):  parts and supplies including safety, janitorial, sanitation, electrical, mechanical, fasteners, abrasives, and adhesives

  • Information Technology: equipment, solutions, and services

  • Office Products and Supplies: paper, toner, office equipment and furniture

  • Promotional Products: branded to your farm including hats, jackets, shirts, and a large variety of merchandise

  • Payloaders: loaders and other construction equipment

And this is just the beginning, as the BuyPoint team is constantly in negotiations to expand the program’s product and service offerings.

“BuyPoint is a growing program. We are continually adding to our product and service offerings from a growing number of vendors,” said Francis O’Connor, senior manager of BuyPoint. “Savings are available to members from day one but check back regularly because–whether it’s a large or small purchase–I’m sure we can help you save some money.”

For more information on BuyPoint, consult your Technical Service Specialist or contact Tyler Polacek or 651-375-1895.