Revised Policies & Resolutions document ready for review

Provide input on cooperative's legislative priorities

At the Business Meeting of the upcoming 96th Annual Meeting of the members of Land O'Lakes, Inc. delegates will vote on four bylaw amendments, the 2017 Policies and Resolutions and the election of six directors to the Corporate Board.

The revised Policies and Resolutions draft document, which was approved by the Land O’Lakes Policies and Resolutions Committee, is now available for member review in advance of the meeting. To review the draft document, visit Member Business Link and click the Revised Policies and Resolutions Draft link in the Government Relations & Advocacy section.

Members are encouraged to review the document and contact their local committee member or email Government Relations with any questions, concerns or revisions. The Policies and Resolutions Committee will meet to review any proposed revisions on Feb. 28. The full delegate body will then vote on the document on March 1.