Getting into the game

Land O’Lakes recognizes farmers in new commercial

An Aerial View Of A Farm Field Being Plowed

At Land O'Lakes, we do things a little differently than most companies or co-ops, even when it comes to telling our story. For many years, the manner in which we conduct our business has reflected the interests and integrity of our members. Now, in addition to continuing that work, we are in a position to also showcase our owners' rural values, their hard work and the vital role they play in all of our lives.


We wanted to introduce an edited, 60-second commercial version of this video on the largest, most meaningful stage possible, gaining broad exposure on big media platforms that cover both the general public and farm demographic. For us, that means college football in the heartland.

Feel free to share the video on your social media channels and let your friends and neighbors know to watch for it, as well.  It's the kind of storytelling that shows not only what we do, but how we feel, as together, we feed human progress.