Land O'Lakes Global Dairy Ingredients launches organic cheese powders

New trial offering seeks to expand customer relationships, protect valuable outlets for member milk

Land O’Lakes Global Dairy Ingredients is launching organic white cheddar cheese powders. These new products support our member-owners’ success by maintaining relationships with large customers who want to purchase both organic and conventional cheese powders from the same company. They also respond to the marketplace demands for more organic options.

“Some of our customers want to source all their cheese powder—organic and conventional—from one company, a company they trust,” says Jerry Kaminski, EVP and COO, International. “Without an organic cheese powder offering, we risk losing their business. By providing a small volume of organic solutions, we can more effectively maintain and grow existing outlets for our members’ milk. As a marketplace-back company, we want to respond to market demands and continue to be our customers’ trusted supplier.”

The new products are in a trial phase with very limited volumes. During this phase, we are sourcing organic ingredients from approved third party organic suppliers.

“At Land O’Lakes, we believe in farmer choice. We believe all farming is good farming and trust the farmer to make the best decisions for his or her operation and the consumers they feed,” says Jerry. “And, our obligation to our members, first and foremost, is to deliver earnings and returns to them. We do that by maintaining and growing our customer base and making marketplace-back decisions.”

New products like these are examples of continuing growth and innovation brought to market to maintain strong partnerships with existing customers and potential new customers. Expanding on strong customer relationships is imperative for our business and cooperative’s success.