Promoting the good that is Undeniably Dairy

Industry campaign highlights healthy, delicious dairy products

Undeniably Dairy

The flip of the calendar brings around a new month and with it the celebration of National Dairy Month.

During the month of June, producers, consumers and dairy food companies rejoice together celebrating all the magical dairy products such as your favorite cheese, yogurt, butter and everyone’s favorite, ice cream. Building on the momentum of Dairy Month, the dairy industry is launching a new campaign aimed at maintaining and building excitement year-round.

Sponsored by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and America’s dairy farmers, Undeniably Dairy, is a campaign for healthy, delicious dairy products. The campaign promotes the multiple uses of dairy and brings together dairy producers from all 50 states.

Land O’Lakes dairy member-owner from Wisconsin, and dairy spokeswoman for the Undeniably Dairy campaign, Amber Horn-Leiterman explains that this campaign is the first time ever that dairy farmers have put their own research money behind a campaign.

“Dairy is so much more than milk. Take Land O’Lakes for example, our milk goes into cheese, butter, cheese powder, infant formulas, pudding, all sorts of stuff,” Amber says. “This campaign draws attention to all of what dairy is a part of. It is also the fact that every one of the 50 states has a dairy farm in it. We all dairy a little differently but, in the end, we all come up with the same final product.”

The campaign shines a light on the dairy industry and the nutrition of dairy products. Today, even consumers who are lactose intolerant can buy dairy products that have the lactose removed. A lot has changed in the industry in just two generations. From new technology to new ways of thinking on the farm, producers are looking at an ever-changing landscape.

“Back in the day, when thinking about my grandfather and dad, we closed the barn door because everybody trusted us to do what we said we would do,” Amber says. "Now, we need to open the barn door back up and engage them in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and show that we can really be trusted.”

Across the industry, producers are doing what they can to show consumers just how dedicated they are to their farms and their cows. From welcoming consumers onto their farms to sharing their message on social media, dairy farmers are openly displaying their life on the farm.

“It’s really a time for dairy farmers to be very proud and honored by what we do,” Amber says. “We are proud of the fact that we take care of our cows, we are proud of the fact that we take care of our natural resources and we are proud to be a part of a community that comes together. The products are responsibly produced and consumers can trust us. There is no better thing than enjoying a bowl of ice cream — that is undeniably dairy.”

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