Meet your new board members

Looking toward 2017 and beyond

New Board Members Pose For A Photo.

With the Annual Meeting behind us, we’re now looking forward to 2017 and, believe it or not, already preparing for the 2018 Leader Election process. But before we get ahead of ourselves, this year we are welcoming three new directors to the Land O’Lakes corporate board along with a new advisory board member, all of whom are ready to take on the challenges ahead and be a voice for members, Land O’Lakes and the cooperative system.

Board of directors:

The Land O’Lakes, Inc. board of directors is comprised of 24 members who are elected from our membership base. They are split evenly with 12 dairy members and 12 ag members, each serving four-year terms. This year, we are happy to introduce the following members to our board of directors:

Rick W. Brubaker, Wabash, Indiana – Region 4

Rick Brubaker is the president of Just Kant Rest Farms Inc. located in northeast Indiana. On this family owned and operated farm, Rick works alongside his wife, father and mother raising 2,500 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat while also being involved in seed production. For the past 5 years, Rick has served as the North Central Co-op Board Chairman. Rick lives in Warren, Indiana with his wife Rhonda.

Nic Schoenberger, Kiel, Wisconsin – Region 68

Nic Schoenberger and his brother-in-law Mike own Greendale Dairy in Kiel. The Dairy operation milks 650 Holsteins, raises replacement calves and grows crops to feed the dairy herd on 1,100 acres. Nic has a strong passion for promoting agriculture including educating children in the classroom and providing tours to schools as well as special needs groups and other groups wanting to know more about agriculture. Greendale Dairy has also hosted several international visitors through ABS Global. Nic and his wife Christine have four children.

Joe Machado, Hanford, California – Region 80

Joe Machado, in partnership with his two brothers, raise an 1,100 herd dairy in addition to growing corn, alfalfa, rye grass, sorghum, cotton, beans and oats. Joe has been active on several various boards including school boards, non-profit advocate groups and dairy industry trade groups such as the California Milk Advisory board the California Dairy Campaign board. Joe served as a Land O’Lakes Delegate, was a member of the Leadership Council and served as Chairman of the Leadership Council for the past seven years. Joe also serves on the Land O’Lakes Policy and Resolutions Committee. Joe and wife Angie live in Hanford, California.

New advisory board member

In addition to the 24 member-elected representatives, the board may appoint up to three advisory board members to serve as non-voting members for one-year terms. They do not need to be members of Land O’Lakes but must possess special qualifications to help determine and gauge policies for the organization. We are happy to announce our newest advisory board member:

Joyce A. Cacho

Joyce A. Cacho comes to the Advisory Board with a background in finance, risk management and agribusiness. She previously served on boards for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Winrock International and Agriculture and Applied Economics Foundation. Joyce received her master’s in agricultural marketing policy and a doctorate in Agribusiness, Corporate Finance and Policy from the University of Missouri.

Get involved

While welcoming our newest board members, we invite you to look ahead as we are now accepting nominations for the corporate board of directors, regional executive councils or regional leadership councils.

Learn more about open positions and the nominations process by clicking here. You can also contact your regional nominating committee chair with specific questions.

Your involvement is always valued. It is only by working together that we can strengthen our cooperative and provide a voice for the future of agriculture.