You can use your assessment data to discover valuable energy savings

Working with EnSave to help farmers make practical, economical and sustainable improvements

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It can be challenging for producers to identify equipment upgrades that will drive the greatest on farm energy efficiency improvements. Land O’Lakes has partnered with EnSave to assist with this challenge. Our work with EnSave is part of our overall Energy Efficiency Service, which helps dairy members leverage real data from their operation to make practical, economical and sustainable improvements.

EnSave, a leader in on-farm energy audits, helps dairy producers identify the impact of specific equipment upgrades and equip them with the data needed to support National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) funding for the upgrades identified.

EnSave has deep experience –- having completed more than 3,000 dairy energy audits over the last two decades –- so it knows each dairy is different. EnSave’s energy audits typically identify potential for energy savings of between 10 and 35 percent.

So how does it work?

  • With a customized five-step audit process, EnSave’s engineers and certified energy managers uncover the unique potential and needs of your operation.

  • Each audit report includes customized upgrade recommendations accompanied with information about each project’s return on investment (ROI), energy use reductions and environmental outcomes.

  • Your customized farm energy audit report from EnSave summarizes the existing state of your operation and recommends improvements based on proven best practices.

Paying for a Farm Energy Audit: Funding from the USDA’s NRCS can be used to help defray energy audit costs. Land O’Lakes members also receive a 5 percent discount on an EnSave energy audit –- this discount, when combined with funding from the NRCS, minimizes out-of-pocket costs.

Acting on Insight: Energy audits conducted by EnSave can be used to support the NRCS cost-share funding applications. EnSave can also help facilitate the process of applying for cost-share funding, making it easier to take advantage of government programs that can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket expense for energy-efficient upgrades.

Time from Audit to Upgrade: When leveraging NRCS funding for an EnSave energy audit, the timeline from audit to upgrade is about two years because NRCS funding can only be accessed once a year. Producers can apply for cost-share funding to cover an audit in year one, and then, once the energy audit is completed, use their energy audit as support for energy efficiency projects when applying for funding in year two.

To learn more about how you can work with EnSave to perform an energy audit, or with questions about Conservation Dairy by SUSTAIN, call 1-800-328-1341. Or contact EnSave directly by contacting Kyle Clark, VP Business Development, at 800-732-1399 or by email at