Don't forget to review your 2018 candidates before casting your vote

We have a new slate of candidates ready to serve at the Land O'Lakes Board and Regional Council levels

Land O

Each year you elect new leaders to represent you and your interests on the Board and Regional Councils. But before that is possible, the nominating committee for each region is tasked with finding qualified members to fill the candidate slates.

Tony Hemann, co-op manager at Silver Edge Co-op in Iowa and head of the nominating committee for Region 2, encourages everyone to take the time to review these candidates and cast their vote to help fill positions that lead our cooperative.

“Make sure to vote for several reasons,” Tony said. “This is your cooperative and your company. You have stake in this. Like anything else, you need to take the time and responsibility to guarantee that we have good leadership in place.”

These elections provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of our grassroots system and elect the best possible candidates. As a cooperative, we were founded on democratic principles and rely on strong member participation to help determine leaders that drive the cooperative forward.

Beginning Dec. 1, members can cast their vote and help choose the leaders that will guide the direction of the cooperative. Polls will stay open until Dec. 28 at 11:59 a.m., so be sure to vote early.

Meet Your Candidates

There is a new slate of candidates ready to serve at the Land O’Lakes Board and Regional Council levels and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the candidates before casting your vote. Candidate bios and Board of Directors campaign videos are available on the 2018 Leader Elections page under Governance and Leadership Development.

If you have questions about elections, please contact or 1-800-328-1341 or speak to your local Land O’Lakes staff representative.