Land O'Lakes to amplify member donations for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief

Maximize your contributions to help support American Red Cross' ongoing response effort

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Truck Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey has decimated portions of the South. Our hearts are with all of those affected, including members of the agriculture community who have seen catastrophic damage to their homes, crops and herds. As a Fortune 210 cooperative, we want to leverage our size, scale and grassroots structure to offer as much assistance as we can to those impacted by the storm and ongoing flooding.

American Red Cross personnel are working around the clock to provide safe shelter and comfort for those affected by this devastating storm. But they need our support as they mount a massive response to this unprecedented event.

Doing our part

To maximize our impact, the Land O’Lakes Foundation has set up a program to amplify member-owner donations to the Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund. For each member donation made by September 30, the Foundation will provide an additional $1,000 to the Relief Fund, up to $50,000. This applies both for member co-ops and direct producer members across the country.

To take part in this member-donation amplification, members will need to donate directly to the American Red Cross through this link and then request a member match by completing a Member Co-op Match or Direct Member Match application in the Community Involvement section of the Land O'Lakes member website. Simply include “Red Cross Disaster Relief” as the recipient organization and “53-0196605” in the Federal Tax ID section.

This member program is just one piece of our overall disaster relief effort. In addition to our annual support for the American Red Cross, Land O’Lakes has already donated $250,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief and is currently offering an employee matching program similar to the member match.

Road to recovery

In the agriculture industry, we are passionate about helping those in need. And though our hearts are heavy, we are proud of the way our members and employees are coming together to make a difference. The road to recovery will be long for many, so please consider donating today and maximize the value of your contribution.

If Land O’Lakes member-owners have any questions about these disaster relief programs, please email the Land O’Lakes Foundation at or call at 651-375-2470.